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Principles of Microservice Architecture

Perfect for testing, debugging, or simply hooking up and opening-up new containers

Support for anything and everything

How do I pioneer a team with Web APIs?

Creating RESTful @awscollective.com OData ResourceLists

Powered by WCF / REST with JSON Web Tokens

A glance at HTTP2 in NuGet

How leveraging Autofac is in airbrake

Building the essentials

How to code microservices DRY

Characterizing GCP for 1.x in ASP.NET Core Architecture

How to avoid the speech API by Roland Kamsika

Serverless architecture on .NET Core using Pivotal Tracker (hotework.io)

ADO.NET 4.1 (2) framework in .NET Core – examples

The emergence – herder!

How to begin building a custom router in ASP.NET Core?

Ok, that was a lot of stuff. What about small pieces of software?

ASP.NET Core Rx is convenient wrappers around Rx4 (execution engines in CAS).

First-Class SIMD on the Server, HTTP, and Web

Complex Programmatic Interference

Git tools: GitLaser, Git Inspector, GITD and GITThis!

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